The time has come. 
In 10min I will take part in the start of the 2019 edition of the Transatlanticway. An unsupported cycling adventure alone the wild coast of Irland. 2300+ Km of green hills dotted with sheep, with plenty of rain and furious winds they say. @transatlanticway 
Some very special people have helped me to get here:
Ayten. Who not only supports me, but also encourages me to take part in all these insane activities. For your patience and understanding. Thank you for make it possible. I love you. @aytenw
Emma. You will be my drive when everything turns black. I hope one day you will look back, remember me and will consider to step into the unknown without fear of failure. Ah! y gracias por pintarme los guardabarros. Te quiero bicho.
Reto and the crew at Voyage Cycling Store. For all the help and support. And the amazing Restrap bike packing kit. @voyagecyclingstore  
Wittson Cycles for helping me creating Maggie, the bike i dreamed in my way to Magerøya. @wittsoncycles
Selle San Marco, for supporting me with the amazing Aspide Superconfort that already took me to the North Cape. Only piece of equipment from the old bike. @sellesanmarco
Without you I would not be here.
(My original post from the morning of 05. June 2019)
The TransAtlanticWay is a 2500 km one stage self-supported road bike ride between Dublin and Cork via The Wild Atlantic Way. With the pounding swell of the Atlantic as your constant companion, you follow the blue zig-zag signposts through seven of Ireland’s westernmost counties and be treated to many of Ireland’s scenic showstoppers, welcoming towns and villages, heritage sites and plenty of unexpected thrills.

To the infinite beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way. 
To the greens of the fields. 
To the blues of the ocean. 
To the grey of the sky. 
To the wind. 
To the sheep. 
To the cows. 
To the smell of firewood early in the morning. 
To the more respectful and patient drivers I have ever encountered. 
To the always friendly and chatty Irish people
To Adrian O'Sullivan for creating such absurdly savage event.  
To the TAW19 crew for being an amazing cool family. 
To all the riders for giving it a try. 
To Ireland.
To those back home dot-watching and cheering. 
Thank you all so much. 
I love you all and I miss you already. 
Due to the harsh course profile an the unforgivness of the Irish weather, over 21% of riders were not able to reach the finish line this edition. Once more the Transatlanticway delivered and stayed true to its fame of being one of the hardest unsupported road cycling adventures out there.
Exhausted und only lightly injured, I was more than happy arrive in Kinsale in 7 day and 20 hours. (Unofficial time). Around 12 hours before my best estimate. Covering an average of 298Km a day I reached my goal of finishing in the top 1/3rd of the total field, and although "is not a race" being the 14th finisher in the individual category out 116 starters, fills me with pride and leaves me wanting to keep on improving in the sport.
Tracking and times: