“I haven’t been riding in two weeks. Since I was sick. I did not feel like it, but yesterday night I had to go fetch a lost mobile phone. I jumped on the bike, (smile) I started to feel it. Now I just have to somehow pack everything and get ready before 14:00. Then the kids come home. Tonight we drive off. “

Simone Eder | @i_like_the_long_way 
Mother, Teacher, Ultra cyclist. 
First female finisher @pancelticraceseries 2022.

Getting ready for the @transpyrenees, an ultra-endurance self-supported cycling race that traverses the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and back. Participants must complete a (roughly) 1500Km long course, combining a mix of self-selected roads and mandatory Parcours and checkpoints. The amount of climbing required to complete the race is borderline absurd. Therefore, the Transpyrenees is known as one of the hardest races of its kind.