Climbing Glengesh Pass in Donegal, IRL, during the 2019 Transatlanticway ||  Photo: Rich Marshall
I love cycling. I have always had. Over the years I have developed a strong affinity for long days on the saddle. Very long days.
In the summer of 2021 I plan to ride the "North Cape-Tarifa", an unsupported cycling adventure/race that travels Europe north to south. Start is planned for the midnight of the 20th of June at Norways more northerly point, the North Cape. After cycling 7300 Km, crossing 15 countries and climbing some of the highest mountain passes in the Europe, I hope to arrive at the most southern point of Spain, the village of Tarifa somewhen around the second week of July.

I turned 50, had big plans to for 2020. The word went mad, instead ... I rode 500 Km in one go to celebrate the longest day of the year. Did a solo 7D/1400Km bike packing trip through France, properly named the "Tour of Consolation", where I followed waterways and visited nature parks and reserves through the Massif Central leading me finally into the Mediterranean. 
And in early September I paired with Simone Eder to race in the Swiss Ultracycling Challenge (SUCH). A fun event that in its first edition required to cycle around our beloved alpine paradise and to visit all 26 Swiss cantons as fast as possible. We managed to finish the task in 2 days 16 hours, taking the 2nd place in the "Pairs" category. (890 Km / 10000 vm). 
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​​​​​​​Swiss Ultracycling Challenge
 @i_like_the_long_way (Simone Eder)
I participated in the 3rd edition of the Transatlanticway (TAW), an unsupported cycling adventure that follows the wild coast of Irland, zigzags in and out of its bays and fjords, crossing its green sheep dotted hills, and always promises plenty of rain and furious winds. 
TRAnsatlantic way 2919 impressions ||  PhotoS: Rich Marshall
Took me 7 days and 20 hours to cover the 2340Km & 32000vm. Averaging 298Km/D. Finishing in 14th position overall. 
This time around, and for the first time in my life, I actually I took a small camera with me while cycling: TAW19 Report & Gallery​​​​​​​
I completed the 4354Km of the second edition of the North Cape 4000. An event crossing Europe, from the town of Arco in Italy to theat the northest point of continental Europe, the North Cape in Norway. I completed the race in 14D-7H-9M, averaging 302Km/D and finishing in 27th position out of 200 participants. 
NorthCape4000 impressions || PHOTOS: NorthCape4000/Matteo Dunchi
For the first time, I rode 400 Km in one go. 
Also, I cycled to Torino where I took part in the Torino-Nice Rally, a non competitive bike packing adventure of 640Km / 16000vm between Torino in Italy and Nice in France, climbing some epic military passes through the maritime Alps. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
If you are so inclined, you can also find me in Strava.