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Pablo Wünsch Blanco is a Switzerland based freelance photographer focused in commercial documentary and portraiture. He is experienced in both field & studio photography and has over 25 years of experience working with digital creation tools.
On assignment for SPHAIR above Locarno.. 2018

His great ability to adapt to different styles and exceptional social competence have helped him to forge a long history of work from small local business and NGOs, to government departments and multinationals.
Photography: © North Cape 4000
Besides his family and his work, Pablo enjoys tanking part in unsupported endurance cycling events. 
In June 2019, he completed the 2342Km of the Transatlanticway in Irland in 7 days and 20 hours. Some images here >>
​​​​​​​In summer 2018 he cycled between Garda See, Italy and the North Cape, Norway.  Completing the 4378Km of the "North Cape 4000" in 14 days, 7 hours and 15 minutes. 
At the Kolly Gallery in Zürich with portraits of iconic urban artist Ziggi Von Koeding. 2015 / Photo: Ayten Wünsch
1970 Santander, Spain. 
1993 B.A. Fine Arts (Design). UPV/EHU. Bilbao 
2005 Photo studio, Basel, CH 
2006 Personal photo essay. (7 Months/ Weekly). Basler Zeitung >>
2009 International Photo Awards. Honorable Mention. Fine Art Portrait. Professional
2010 Winner of the Award Corporate Communications: Young Stage / Kreon Communications. (Fotograf) 
2011 Best of Swiss Websites by webdesignlovers.ch. Selection. (Designer)
2013 Poster of the Year. Shorlist Innovation. "HINSCHAUEN STATT WEGSEHEN!" cR Basel (Fotograf) 
2015 Kolly Gallery, Zürich. "15" Pablo Wünsch Blanco, Naomi Petcher and Kay-Steve Anliker.
2007-2019 Official photographer "International Circus Festival Young Stage Basel" >>
2015-2019 Photographer at SPHAIR >>
3M (Schweiz),  Agility Logistics, Aqua Metro, Atlantic Watch, ASAG, AXA Winterthur, Basel Sinfonietta, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, Basler Kantonalbank, Basler Zeitung, Bank Coop, Bank Cler, Banque CIC, Blick, Burger King, Blutspendedienst beider Basel, Corona Bier, Fossil, Dreyfus Sons & Co Ltd, Banquiers, Gesundheitsdepartements Basel-Stadt, Glashütte Original, Grosspeter,  Helvetia Patria, International Circus Festival Young Stage Basel, Küschall, L'Orèal, Lungenliga beider Basel, Manor, Mitsubishi Motion, MSC Kreuzfahrten, Pirelli, PwC, SPHAIR, Swisscanto, Terres des Hommes Schweiz, Tertianum, TopPharm AG, Trafina Private Banking, Univest, Verband Schweizer Kantonalbanken, Volkswagen Magazine, Wincasa, Wirtschafts Woche,
Pablo uses SilverFast software to scan the negatives produced by his beloved analog cameras for his personal projects. 
Exceptions marked, all the images within "www.pablowunschblanco.com" where created by Pablo Wünsch Blanco and are the intelectual property of "Pablo Wünsch Blanco, Fotografie & Visuelle Kommunikation" registered in the "Handelregister des Kantons Basel-Stadt Hauptregister" als "Einzelfirma" since 23.08.2004 and/or his clients.
The use of all images within "www.pablowunschblanco.com" in any kind of media without prior written agreement by Pablo Wünsch Blanco is forbidden and will be prosecuted.    

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