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Big Wall

Asag is building. They hanged some of my photos. Big.


Tertianum 2016

This one came out nice!! It took many hours on the road, complicated lighting and very uncooperative weather, but the great people I had the chance to met along the way, made it all worthy. Very proud of the result. Many thanks to Tertianum for the opportunity.

Triple Choice

Delighted to finally get my hands on the brand new SPHAIR brochures. It has been a fun ride! I have met tons of great people and done things I never thought I would do. Happy to be part of it. Thank you SPHAIR.

Meanwhile at the coffee machine

I went to pick the car from the garage. Found some work from the end of last month next to the cafe machine.

Through the glass

One great shooting from February just got published. Great fun colaboration with wendepunkt werbeangentur, Basel for the Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2016 from the Bank Coop. 
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