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One day in the life

When you have to sign a confidentiality document to get the job, you work in an office with covered up windows and you have to lie to your wife about what you did that day. Hallo Bank Cler !

Saturday at the pool

Fun session with swiss swimming star Timothy Schlatter.

Thank you Richie Slatter for the coordination, the backstage images and the cool slide show.


Very happy to see how good these images turned out. Bank Coop's CEO Hanspeter Ackermann talks shop in their new environmental responsibility report.
Concept: Wendepunkt

Cover image: "Insight" magazine

Addressed to the employers of ASAG, found while shooting in one of their garages.

DARE - Sigi von Koeding - In Memoriam

My portrait of Sigi at the great exhibition now showing in the Stiftung Brasilea. Only till Sunday 03.04