Meanwhile at the coffee machine

I went to pick the car from the garage. Found some work from the end of last month next to the cafe machine.

Through the glass

One great shooting from February just got published. Great fun colaboration with wendepunkt werbeangentur, Basel for the Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2016 from the Bank Coop. 
>> Bank Coop // Nachkaltigkeit

No AOA Limits

I got to photograph this fellow the other day. A very nice guy indeed. And not a bad pilot they tell me :-) Looking forward to see him in action.

>> Swiss Hornet Display Team in Facebook

Circus time

Four weeks and counting. The new posters are up! The circus is coming to town!!

2016 Golden Star Winners, Anouk Blais and Guillaume Mesmin from France/Canada, featured in the International Circus Festival Young Stage 2017 Basel poster. Foto by me.

Chasing Big Foot

SPHAIR has been keeping me busy lately. We had a couple photo shootings and we crossed the equator in the filming of our documentary with Big Foot. You can see me interviewing, photographing and filming :-) at their Instagram feed #sphair_talents_for_the_sky .