Bank Coop GB 2014

Took six weeks of work. Hundreds of telephone calls, 3000 Km of driving and over 20 hours of sitting in traffic jams, but finally is out and I got my got my hands on this fine publication. Thanks Bank Coop and crBasel for the trust.

Foto: crBasel 

BANK COOP | Spengler Park

A bit out of my league, but doing this kind of photography once in a while is kind of fun. New offices for Bank Coop in Münchestein, BL.

Grosspeter Volkswagen

A bunch of new images done for Grosspeter/Volkswagen. More here
Or visit to see the implementation of the images.


Time Sessions 2015

Nicholas Foulkes, editor in chief of Vanity Fair On Time

3 Minute sessions with some big names in the watch industry and design world. Thanks @andersmodig for the gig. Full Series Here

Back from paradise

We are back in cold Basel. "The cure for everything" has been updated.